Paul Turano
A Message from the MagpieBackyard on Saint Rose137 BulletsMy Earth's EyeBackyard Pool DayWaterboarding DCThe Porcine DilemmaToward the FlameFirst Light on South St.FalloutNot Clear CutSmokestackDes Pas sur la Neige (Footprints in the Snow)AlbumleafTikopia: A Web ReportEscape PlanToxic Red SludgeGreen Becomes Black and Blue (White Becomes Red)March MarchWindows Onto Montebello RoadI Covered My EyesD. Jarman's DungenessPorch Film: 76 Day St. #2AquariumThis is a film about MarsAustralia RollsResting PlaceWhale/Wail87 Prospect St.I Made a Fire

My creative projects encompass a broad range of approaches to media making that include single channel film and video works, installation, and interactive web based and locative work. I use film and video as poetic tools for exploring the human condition, incorporating subjects as close as my back porch and as far away as the planet Mars. Often I employ autobiography, subjective reportage, and essay forms as strategies for examining the larger issues that both intrigue and challenge me. Not unlike the fine arts approach of painters or photographers, I often work in series organized by specific media forms and shared themes. Much of my work investigates the complex relationship we have with our environment – our human ecology – in both local and global ways.