Paul Turano
Backyard on Saint Rose137 BulletsMy Earth's EyeBackyard Pool DayWaterboarding DCThe Porcine DilemmaToward the FlameFirst Light on South St.FalloutNot Clear CutSmokestackDes Pas sur la Neige (Footprints in the Snow)AlbumleafTikopia: A Web ReportEscape PlanToxic Red SludgeGreen Becomes Black and Blue (White Becomes Red)March MarchWindows Onto Montebello RoadI Covered My EyesD. Jarman's DungenessPorch Film: 76 Day St. #2AquariumThis is a film about MarsAustralia RollsResting PlaceWhale/Wail87 Prospect St.I Made a Fire

My creative projects encompass a broad range of approaches to media making that include single channel film and video works, installation, and interactive web based and locative work. I use film and video as poetic tools for exploring the human condition, incorporating subjects as close as my back porch and as far away as the planet Mars. Often I employ autobiography, subjective reportage, and essay forms as strategies for examining the larger issues that both intrigue and challenge me. Not unlike the fine arts approach of painters or photographers, I often work in series organized by specific media forms and shared themes. Much of my work investigates the complex relationship we have with our environment – our human ecology – in both local and global ways.